How Can I Lose Weight When I Can’t Even Sleep?

Lost So FarIt’s 1:33 am, and I have a decision. Will it be cookies or yoga? My peanut butter cookie are just waiting for me to decompress their Tupperware tomb, breathe in that sweet nuttiness, admire their crispy grooves, nab two, and sink my teeth into their chewy centers. Food is my drug of choice. Unfortunately, cookies come with side effects. Sure, the sugar spike – and eventual plunge – might lull me to sleep, but (dang!) I know this fix is only temporary. At best it drugs me to sleep tonight; at worst it powers the blood sugar rollercoaster which inhibits weight loss. I know I have to get enough sleep to lose weight, but cookies are a quick way to get to sleep. Either way, I feel stuck.

My other option offers an altogether different approach. I can quiet my neurons with a lullaby of yoga. As breath in harmony with movement, yoga can chaperone me through my toss-and-turn-tension, remind me that everything will be o.k., and escort me back to bed. I grab a DVD. It’s “Namaste Meditation Yoga” by Kate Potter, on loan from Linda at I plug it in and clasp my hands to the center of my heart. Kate’s soothing voice begins with gentle movement on the floor, and I’m glad I made this choice tonight. Twenty minutes later, my muscles feel supple and I navigate through the dark feeling surrounded in a cushy cloud of relaxation. Just before I nod off, I remind myself to thank Linda for the loan.

Linda Parker, owner and operator of, came into my life at the perfect time. I’d been searching for a greater variety of workout options. Since Netflix stopped streaming exercise videos, and my interest is outpacing their limited DVD options, stands out as the best fitness DVD rental program for busy moms, rural homesteaders who don’t have a gym nearby, folks watching their budget, or insomniacs like me.

Kate Potter’s “Namaste” was the perfect beginning yoga DVD for me because of her relaxed philosophy. “Don’t worry how it looks,” she says. “Just feel how it feels.” Browsing through their catalogue, I found DVD descriptions accurate, full of lots of details, and even accompanied by a user review or two. Searching for titles is quick and uncomplicated. I love the pop-up summaries which appear whenever I hover over a title. Most important, however, was the variety I found while searching for my next fix. I found top sellers like Shaun T’s “T25,” “P90X,” “Insanity,” and “Zumba Fitness.” This is no accident. Linda places top priority on answering customers’ requests for new material. “If someone requests a particular video, I try to buy it and get it into inventory as soon as possible,” she explains. Indeed, in browsing the “Weightloss” category, I found over 70 DVDs!

Linda’s commitment to service and quality are why I’m thrilled to announce the first ever, “100 Pounds Giveaway!” Linda has generously offered $50 in credit to one, lucky 100 Pounds reader. Click the pic below for details.

Win $50 in Credit from 100 Pounds in 1 Year and



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4 responses to “How Can I Lose Weight When I Can’t Even Sleep?

  1. I love the name “100 pounds in 1 year” I recently posted about my brother losing 90 pounds in just over a year. It might not be helpful to you , but definitely feel free to check it out.
    – Derek




    • Thanks for your encouragement, Derek! Just read your inspiring post about your bro. I love that he gradually challenged himself and discovered he could do more than he thought. Stories like his remind me that time is on our side, all we have to do is keep moving.


      • Hey,
        I’m glad that I have slightly inspired/encouraged you. Time is definitely on our side. I sadly forget that fact too often…
        Trying my best to stay positive and giving you best wishes on the time we have left.
        – Derek


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