What I’m Up to These Days…

Inspired by Derek Sivers’ /Now Movement

  • Keeping space between me and my next adventure.  Got lots of ideas, but giving them time to stew, time to gel.  Waiting for the mud to clear and let my answer arise by itself, easy and without pushing.
  • Which is new for me ‘cuz I’m a pusher.  On the bright side, I realize how much I love innovation.  It lights up my brain like cocaine.  (Never did cocaine, but if I had, it would feel like this.)
  • Getting deeper into Yoga, which I can endure now that I’ve learned how to quiet my monkey brain with breathing.  Enjoying how my body speaks to me and learning to listen, instead of demanding.
  • Reading Marianne Williamson’s book, “A Course in Weight Loss.”  Only made it through the first chapter in the first week because almost every paragraph has ideas I’ve never considered in my 30+ years of managing my weight.  “Your body is not your enemy; fear is…The purpose of this book is not to lose weight but to lose your fear.”  Whammy!
  • Still relishing my time writing in Missoula coffee shops each Friday; cuz I still have 3 day weekends.  Bam!