Eat to Thrive, a Weight Loss eGuide to Lose 100 Pounds in 1 Year

When I share my 100 pounds story, people always ask, “What diet are you on?”

That’s when I pause — looking them in the eye until the air between us is as thick and juicy as a Porterhouse Steak — and say…

EatToThriveeGuideCoverSmall2015Find out my answer in, “Eat to Thrive,” the 100 Pounds weight loss eGuide which answers the question, “Is peace with food possible?”

Read my story about how I stopped my fight with food.  If you’ve ever imagined food as your enemy, then this eGuide is for you.  It’s a refreshing approach which honors our struggle and gives credence to our deep desire to relate to food in a healthy way.  Learn how to ditch diet tricks and eat to thrive. 
Curious why “Eat to Thrive” is different than all that weight loss fodder out there?  For starters…

  • Honest stories from someone who’s been there, done that
  • Gut-level insights that uncover the roots of our relationships with food
  • Scrappy details on the food struggles that most diet gurus don’t like to talk about
  • Inspiration that sticks in your brain and surfaces to support you when junk food calls your name
  • When you share in my struggles, then you get to enjoy the triumphs, too!
  • PLUS:

Every 100 Pounds in1 Year eGuide contains

To wet your taste buds, here’s a sneak-peek at the Table of Contents:

  • Is Peace with Food Possible?
  • Frenemies
  • Obese? Why It’s Not Your Fault
  • The Happy Veggie
  • Interview with a Nutrition Specialist
  • The Holy Trinity
  • What You Want and Why That Matters
  • When Food Talks Back
  • Eat to Thrive
  • BONUS Chapter: What Makes It All Click
  • Reflection Worksheets

100 Pounds eGuides Now DownloadableWhat’s an eGuide?
Your 100 Pounds weight loss eGuide is a handy, electronic download.  You can take it anywhere you go:  your phone, your tablet, your computer, the Cloud! 

 One reader says:

“Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book on it or something.”
— Ashley

I’m Giving this eGuide away, so will you do me a favor?

In exchange for this freebie, please share the 100 Pounds love.  If you hear any of your friends express an interest in getting healthy, tell them about 100 Pounds in 1 Year.  Losing weight has changed my world, and sharing my story is the best way I know how to help others do the same.  As more worlds are changed, this planet we share will feel the love, too.Download Your Free eGuide from

Also, I love to share my story in person.  If you have an upcoming event — or you know a group who would enjoy hearing more — please contact me.  Let’s make it happen!

To download your eGuide, click on the Download Button below, and a pdf eGuide will open. (If you can’t open the file,  you might need to download Adobe Acrobat for free first.)


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